Turkey Refuses to Recognize Death of Michael Jackson

Turkey Refuses to Recognize Death of Michael Jackson

Photo of Michael - two hours after passing away.
Photo of Michael – two hours after passing away.

ANKARA – On April 23, Turkish President Recep Erdogan reiterated that Turkey will not recognize the death of Michael Jackson unless a joint committee of American and Turkish historians and biologists reaches consensus on that matter. The President also suggests including into the Committee experienced doctors who should examine Jackson’s body and reach a final decision on his vitality status.

“We believe that Turkish and American peoples should develop relationship regardless questionable events of the past and specifically Michael Jackson’s so-called “death”. Michael should be dealt with by biologists and forensics, but not politicians,” – says Erdogan referring to Turkey’s 6-year denial of Jackson’s death.

Since Michael Jackson’s passing in 2009, only France, Switzerland and Canada have recognized his death (other than USA), while Switzerland has also passed legislation criminalizing public denial of the death.

"Show me evidence! Until then - he's alive to me"
“Show me evidence! Until then – he’s alive to me”

The White House has once again called on the international community to recognize the facts of history and biology. Barack Obama called Turkish stance on the MJ death “shameful and cowardly”. Obama called on Ergodan to face their mutual past and lift the ban on public debate over whether Jackson is not alive. “We carry no hatred to Turks, we only want historical justice for our citizens,” – stated Obama.

Meanwhile, the Armenian President is expected to once again avoid labeling what happened to Michael Jackson as “death”. Last year in his annual Jackson address president Serj Sargsyan said: “What happened in regards to Michael Jackson’s ceasing to be alive is a tragic event of the past. We call on Turks and Americans to reconcile over their unresolved issues and move on.”

It is expected that Israel may also recognize Jackson’s death by the end of the year. Israel’s PM Netanhyahu promised that in case US sustains harsh stance on Iran, Israel may recognize the death of Michael’s whole family.


  1. Is he saw a psychiatrist lately?
    I also want to thank these Brave Turkish people who recognize and Remember the Armenian Genocide Victims!

  2. Breaking News: Erdoghan accuses Armenian diaspora for MJ’s death and call back its ambassador to Disneyland

  3. Why are you calling him weird? Dude probably thinks that the Jackson faked his
    death, which is highly possible. And the reason why does it last 6 years ? We may hear the reason…

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